Pracheen Ayurvedic & Unani Dawakhana, Established in 1921 by Late Hakim Shri Harbans Lal and then continued by Late Sh. Lakshman Prasad Garg, Now there sons and grandson continuing it.V.K. Gupta, J.K Garg and Mudit Garg (Grandson) 4th Generation, they all are having basic understanding of whole anatomy and inner functions. As Ayurveda believe in holistic approach, concentrating on whole body, even when prescribing treatment for a specific part, Ayurveda believes disease could result anywhere because of a basic dearrangement in total function of a body. Basic moto of PAUD peoples are quality instead of quantity and to cure the patient and to live Aarogya life.

Here medicines are manufactured Acc to Vedas, Paud people having many of there own formulation which they get from there Forefathers.Some formulation they got from Rishis & Munis who use to live in Himalayas. Where the wonder herbs use to grow. From last 90 years the experiment still going on these herbs and result is that each and every formulation works like miracles or wonderfully. So these formulation are unique and no one get anywhere in this world.

Usually other pharmacies produce medicine in bulk so there quality doesnot reach international standards and due to improper oxidisation of metals it contains high level of zinc, mercury, arsenic in it which cause harms to body. But Paud people believe in quality so they produce small lots, oxidise them properly by giving particular putis (1 puti is burning the medicine one time with herbs ), result all the harmful metal are oxidised and give the best results without any side effect. Read More


Skin allergy is the body’s over-reaction to one or more allergens. There are thousands of different allergens all around us and almost any substance can


If you have been experiencing stomach problems, you might be worried about what could be the cause of your symptoms. Maybe you are experiencing excessive gas

Joint Pain

"In the 17th, 18th and 19th Century you had the wealthy people who were over indulging. Now it is the less wealthy who over indulge. "They eat more and they drink more,


A sexual problem, or sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or


Also, many people rely on fast food or pre–packed processed meals, which can lead to a deficiency in the vital nutrients that are essential in maintaining healthy body systems.


As mentioned before there are some risk factors that we can control. Taking control of these will not only benefit us in lowering the risk of having a stroke..

Herbal Green Tea

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